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    Blue Sky Skills was created from our passions; education, young people, the south coast, quality time, nature and the glorious mountains. We believe life is a learning journey. We started out in 2003 running our beautiful catered ski lodge Chalet Pomet in the French Alps and have been successfully delivering Residential Duke of Edinburgh Cookery Courses from there for the past decade. We have expanded our DofE licence to offer an exciting range of Online courses to cover the SKILLS section of your DofE journey. Our passions are reflected in our choice of courses and we are experts in these fields. The SKILLS courses are suitable for the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards and are all 3 months (12 weeks ) in length. We have Level 1 and Level 2 should you wish to continue your skill to complete the required 6 months for the Gold award SKILLS section. #seasonitcookery @instagram

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    We are all about you! It's your learning that fires us. We want to share our amazing tutors' skills and experience so that you too can achieve your passions and live your best life. It's all about your confidence and resilience when learning a new skill, whether it's just an interest or a career path you may like to take. We are with you on the journey to offer support and guidance. Share your journey with us on instagram #blueskyskills

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    Bring it all together and magic happens. Let's do this together. Sarah, Helen, Oli and Sallly



Helen Griffin

Hello - originally from Bristol, I studied drama and classics at university before I moved to France in 2003 to follow my dream of living in the French Alps, skiing during the Winter and enjoying the beautiful long Summers, with picnics in the alpine meadows, hiking, camping, and nipping down to the south of France for some beach fun. We took on the project of renovating an old French farmhouse into our luxury ski chalet, which has been hard work, but so rewarding, and I'm now enjoying living on the Dorset coast with my partner and young daughter, still camping, travelling to our ski chalet as much as we can, as we run the business remotely, looking after our Bees, chicken and cats, and sharing my knowledge with young people who are keen for the rich experiences life has to offer.


Sarah Bolter

Originally from Manchester, I studied Drama and English at University in London, while managing a busy 'lush' shop, I qualified as a secondary school Drama teacher and taught Drama at a school in Surrey for 6 years. the opportunity came to move to France so I retrained as a chalet chef, and moved to France in 2003 where we bought, renovated and ran our lovely ski chalet business and set up our cookery school. Returning to Dorset in 2015 to start family life, I am now busy creating courses for young people, sharing my knowledge and using my teaching skills again, as well as being a Mum :)


Sally and Oli

We've been working with Helen and Sarah for 5 years, we manage the ski chalet and cookery school in France, and love living in France. We are into health, good nutrition, and fitness, and love to share our lives with the guests and students who come to visit.

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